Dear Clients,

Online bookings and SMS service has temporarily been cancelled.

Following the Prime Minister’s Scott Morrison’s address to the nation as confusing as it is, hairdressing is still considered essential service but as it also could be considered high fashion as in his speech. It leaves us with the very grey area that I have to contemplate what to do with my business.

Following his recommendations I asked that anyone over the age of 70 will stay at home until the outbreak is over unless this is an absolutely essential service for you.

As for the rest of my clients, I am now available sometimes on Tuesdays as I will be spacing clients out to try and accommodate you one in one out style.

As businesses around me are working from home and sports are cancelled there is easy availability for parking out the front, you can walk straight in to an empty salon or you can either wait outside until the person I’m seeing has left the salon.

I have done a comprehensive flow of client movement through the salon and avoided any possible contact with metal surfaces and also sanitation processes along your journey to make sure that you are as safe as possible. 

I will also do your services wearing a mask.

It’s for this reason that I have cancelled online booking and SMS services, you’ll have to call me to make an appointment so I can position you in an area that complements your schedule and fit you in an area which won’t overrun the salon and have more than 2 clients at one time.

I will call you to confirm your appointment and clarify that you haven’t been overseas in 14 days, in contact with somebody with covid-19 or are over the age of 70 and if so that your service is essential.

I hope you understand the positions that I’m making for your safety and for the successful continuation of my business.

For continue information around what I am doing for your safety please like and view me on Facebook or Instagram South 21.

If you have any other questions around this please give me a call on 8231 0221.

Thank you

Grant Nelson Stay safe.