Curly Hair Cutting

South 21 uses a unique method of cutting curly hair in its natural state. This process has been developed over 30 years of working with curly hair. I don’t work with any particularly known methods but one I’ve developed myself through direct feedback of my clients of what works and what hasn’t worked for them over the many years. The process is, you come in with your hair dried as you would normally, the hair is cut dry, your curl is progressively made bigger during the cutting stage to test the different stages your hair can go thru with changing humility, then washed with a sulfate free shampoo that just targets the built-up grease and or grime without removing any of your natural oils. Then dried naturally with recommended products and finally readjusted to suit. You will receive direct tuition on how to style your hair depending on what suits your hair type the best. The result is a hairstyle which works with your lifestyle and natural ability of your curly hair without the problem normally associated with a wet haircut.

Hope to see you soon.